”If I take something on, I want to do it as well as I possibly can!”

Klaus Viljanmaa was born in the 70s into a family of entrepreneurs in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland. He built a successful business career at Urho Viljanmaa Oy, a Finnish family business. Urho Viljanmaa Oy is best known for the work and safety shoe brand Jalas.

With Klaus in charge, the revenue of this traditional family business almost doubled and its production volume tripled between 2001 and 2006. This achievement was made possible by a determined endeavor involving the introduction of demanding innovations. For its efforts, Jalas received the national entrepreneurship award of the Finnish Federation of Enterprises in 2006 and placed among the top 20 workplaces in Finland. In 2007, Klaus Viljanmaa received the Challenger Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst&Young for his work as CEO and developer of Urho Viljanmaa Oy.

After successfully selling the company, Klaus realized his long-time dream by moving to Wichita, KS, in 2008.

Apart from his work as a consultant, he is a venture capitalist and a business angel for Finnish start-up companies.

”If I take something on, I want to do it as well as I possibly can. During my 20-year career as an entrepreneur, I’ve had the opportunity to acquire an ‘eye for the game’ and develop skills in diplomacy, both of which are required in Finnish as well as international business.”
”I want to take part in things that truly interest me and do them as well as I can. My direct, energetic character has proved an asset in the American business environment. It enables me to bring a sense of situation management to projects and to implement them with diplomatic discretion.
”Self-improvement is a continuous process and requires conscious effort. I’ve also been able to apply this principle in my hobbies such as marathon-running, diving, flying, and car racing.”


Klaus Viljanmaa